National Apprenticeship Week

12th February 2021

This week is National Apprenticeship Week, so we thought that it’d be fitting to explore some of the routes that our past students have taken, and the opportunities that participating in apprenticeships can bring young people. 

Apprenticeships provide a unique and valuable learning environment, and they’re a fantastic way to get your foot in the door when entering an industry. Traditionally, apprenticeships were often targeted towards pupils who were more practically orientated, but there are now options for almost every field of work! This means that both vocational and academic subjects can be accessed via apprenticeships, widening the number of people that can benefit from the chance to learn by doing and to gain real-world experience on the job. Those who decide to follow the apprenticeship path can expect to be employed (and paid) by a business in their chosen profession, as well as being taught the crucial information and skills to prepare them for life after education.

Our past pupils have been incredibly successful in securing placements in the local community, with employers including Calverts, Walter Dawson & Son and Dawn Clarkson, and industries varying from stonemasonry to accountancy. Working in the local community can be rewarding, and can give you a head start in your career. 

There are lots of possible apprenticeship pathways, both for after GCSEs and for after A Levels. If you’re considering an apprenticeship, we encourage you to talk to your tutors and teachers about your options, and you can find out about the variety of industries that you can join as an apprentice here: Happy National Apprenticeship Week!