The lead up to results day

5th August 2022

Now that it’s summer and we’re less than a month away from results day, there can be a lot of anxiety and anticipation in the air. Of course, the holidays are for rest – but it can be hard to wind down when you might be feeling nervous about your grades. So, we thought we’d put together a list of ways to ease your mind as we get closer to the big day.

1. As obvious as it sounds, remember that there’s nothing left to be done! If you do catch yourself worrying about results day, remind yourself how hard your worked in the lead up to your exams. You should be proud of getting through those stressful times!
2. Distract yourself. It’s summer! While your grades are now out of your hands, the chance to make the most of your holidays is not. Make sure to get lots of sleep, eat well and, most importantly, have fun.
3. Check out our wellbeing resources if you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious. In particular, these NHS relaxation techniques can help calm a racing mind.
4. Have a look at AQA’s advice for recognising and responding to results day-related stress.

We hope everybody’s having a fantastic summer and that you are all incredibly proud of the hard work you put into last term. Enjoy the holidays!