"The future for The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form is very exciting and there will be a relentless pursuit of improved outcomes for all students to ensure that they have the best chances to succeed in life."
Julia Polley, Headteacher

Our handbook is a useful source of information to allow parents to better understand the work of the school.

The handbook has been produced by listening to the views of our parents and through collaboration to ensure that what we have produced enhances communication and understanding.

The school is committed to deliver the very best education possible for all of its students and to do this it is essential that we work with our parents to provide support and guidance. We, like all parents, want the very best for each individual student and this means doing everything in our power to enable them to make academic and intellectual progress. It also means ensuring their social and moral developments are secure; so they know how to behave and deal with the issues of right and wrong.

Please click here to download the handbook.

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