When can I find out my grades?

Year 13

You can collect your grade confirmation slips in school between 08:30 and 10:00 am on Tuesday, August 10th.   We will also provide any UCAS support you need.  Your grades will also be available on Go4Schools by 10.00 am on the same day.  Look for Actual Results against your subjects.

Year 11

You can collect your grade confirmation slips in school between 08:30 and 10:00 am on Thursday, August 12th.  You can also apply/enrol for sixth form (saves time later and gives you peace of mind over the summer).  We will also be on hand to give you any careers advice and guidance.  Your grades will be available on Go4Schools by 10.00 am on the same day.  Look for Actual Results against your subjects.

How were your grades calculated?

We asked teaching staff to look at the work you had completed over the course of year 10 & year 11.  They examined the work completed in books, the work completed in lockdown, the work completed in class and any assessments that were taken.   We also asked teachers, where appropriate, to do in-class assessments under exam conditions on topics that had been taught over years 10 & 11.  Teachers used the grading framework issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications to identify what grade you were working at.   We also took into account the loss of learning due to illness, lack of equipment or facilities during the lockdown and a range of other known factors.  Special Exam Arrangements were taken into account for everyone to ensure they were assessed as fairly as possible.  The evidence used for the grades was internally moderated by teachers, in some cases, with other schools.  The grades were then analysed and checked by the Curriculum Leaders and then by the Assistant Headteacher for Data.  Finally, the grades were signed off by the Headteacher and uploaded to the exam boards.

What if I think my grades are wrong?

Your grades have been assessed rigorously and carefully checked.  However, if you feel that we have made a mistake, contact Mr Ashcroft (mark.ashcroft@wensleydaleschool.net) to discuss your concerns, and then, if necessary, complete and email the Student Request for Centre Review formRead the form carefully before submitting it as your grades could go up, down or stay the same on appeal.   You will need your candidate number which will appear on your grade slips.  If you cannot find it Mr Ashcroft will be able to tell you what your candidate number is.

It is very unlikely, but there could be a chance the grade was uploaded incorrectly onto the exam board system.  An example of this could be where your Go4Schools record shows you have been getting grade 7’s in every test and assessment, particularly recently, and your final grade is a grade 4, this could indicate a mistake.  If your Go4Schools record is in line with your final grade it is unlikely to be a mistake.  It is not grounds for appeal if you don’t like your grade or if it is different to your target grade.  Neither is it appropriate to appeal your grade just because you think it should be higher.  You would need to explain that we have missed some vital evidence or made a mistake.  Again, look at your Go4Schools record of marks and assessments.

If your appeal affects your A level or Level 3 qualification results and is needed for a Higher Education Place then mark it as a priority and submit it before Monday 16 August 2021.

All other appeals must be submitted by Friday 3rd September 2021.

What happens when I appeal?

We will look at your request and conduct a robust centre review.   If we believe the grade needs to be changed we will send a grade correction notice to the exam board.  We will then send back the form to you with our findings explaining what we have found and if there are any changes.   If you disagree with our centre review, you must complete stage 2 of the form explaining why and return the form to us.    We will then send your appeal to the exam board.  You cannot appeal directly to the exam board.

Second stage appeals must be received at the school by 23 August 2021 for priority appeals and 17 September 2021 for all other appeals.  Appeals sent directly to the exam boards will not be considered.

What if I change my mind after I have appealed?

You can withdraw your appeal at any time up until a centre review has made a finding.  Once we have made a finding the appeal may not be withdrawn.

What if I want to improve my grades?

If you want to try to improve your grade, you could consider entering for the autumn exam series or
the exam series next summer. Talk to us or your college about how this will work for you as you may
need to revise for those exams and work on your new course at the same time.

I have additional questions?

Please contact Assistant Headteacher in charge of data, Mark Ashcroft at mark.ashcroft@wensleydaleschool.net

JCQ have produced these guides with flow charts helping you to make decisions.

What were those dates again?

Year 13 Results   Tuesday, August 10th, in-school 8.30 to 10 am, in Go4Schools by 10 am.
Year 11 Results   Thursday, August 12th, in-school 8.30 to 10 am, in Go4Schools by 10 am.
Deadline for Priority Appeals   Monday, August 16th.
Deadline for Standard Appeals   Friday, September 3rd.
Deadline for Stage 2 Priority Appeals   Monday, August 23rd.
Deadline for Stage 2 Appeals   Friday, September 17th.