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Ewan’s practical work

Year 8 student Ewan Deighton has created this incredible piece of practical work for the Bronze Crest Award. It has been submitted to the Lego Ideas page – well done Ewan!

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Middleham Twinners

Recently we shared about the open morning the Middleham Twinners (see here) are hosting to help local families understand what they do. Former student Rosalind Monaghan and her family joined the Twinners some years ago and were part of some exchanges. She pursued languages at A-level and also at university and is now doing a […]

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The transition to secondary school

Transitioning to secondary school can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also an exciting step forwards. This Anna Freud NCCF animation is aimed at Year 6 and 7 pupils finding their feet:  

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The Wensleydale School and Sixth Form is here for one reason: to help all of our students realise their dreams.

To do this, we make sure that our young people feel part of our safe and caring community and challenge them to grasp every opportunity that their education offers. They can then leave us with the strongest possible set of exam results, outstanding inter-personal skills and a real understanding about where their passions and talents lie.

These are the qualities and traits that we think are critical to a good education. They open doors for young people, and the more doors that they have open - the more choices that they have.

At Wensleydale there are tangible outcomes to show that we are setting our standards high. Ofsted has praised the work that we do. Our exam results are on a very positive trajectory and exceed the national average, and we regularly compete and excel against schools much bigger than ourselves.

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