From apprentice to award winner

8th February 2023

In 2020 Wensleydale Student Josh Huitson started an apprenticeship at Stoneygate Farm near Ravenswsorth. He had a little previous experience working with game and poultry, so thought this would be an interesting opportunity.

Little did he know that within a couple of  years, he would not only land a permanent job at the Farm, but would also be named Best Retail Butchery Apprentice, by the Institute of Meat and Worshipful Company of Butchers.

We asked Josh what part the apprenticeship had played in this success and what advice he would give to budding young apprentices.

Did the apprenticeship convince you that this was the career you wanted, and how did it help you get into it properly?

It sparked a good interest not just in butchery, but in the meat trade. I’m quite keen on product development.

I certainly wouldn’t have pursued this career if it hadn’t been for the apprenticeship. It’s a very hands-on trade so without trying it you wouldn’t know. It also gave me a recognised qualification.

What is the secret of your success?

All my learning was provided through Malcolm, one of the two owners of Stoneygate Farm. His expert knowledge gained from YouTube, and a devotion to perfection unrivalled by any other is what I put my success down to. My achievement is as much his, as it is mine.

Do you have any advice for students currently thinking about taking apprenticeships?

I would say that anyone looking to pursue an apprenticeship must choose something they are truly passionate about. And also, choose somewhere which has lots of opportunities for you to develop as a person, and a worker.