Becoming a Parent School Governor – Q&A with Julia Polley

20th February 2024
A child's hand drawing with chalk on a blackboard

We are currently looking for some enthusiastic parents to help shape the future of the school by becoming Parents School Governors. Here, Headteacher Julia Polley answers some common questions about the prerequisites, time commitments, responsibilities, and rewards of becoming one of our governors.

What does a School Governor do?

School Governors work together as a board to help set the strategic direction of the school. Some of our main responsibilities include approving improvement targets, monitoring student achievement, hiring and supporting the Headteacher, overseeing the school budget and finances, and more.

Why does Wensleydale School need Parent Governors?

We strive to have a governing body that represents the diversity of backgrounds among our students and families. Parent Governors serve as a vital liaison between school leadership and the parent community. We currently have no parent governors  so we are eager to fill those vacancies with parents invested in supporting our students’ success.

What kind of time commitment is required?

We have streamlined the workload so parent governors now only need to attend three meetings per year that last around two hours. You may also spend a few additional hours reading documents, and visiting classrooms. So it’s a relatively modest yet impactful commitment. It’s a four-year term.

Do I need any special qualifications or expertise in education?

Absolutely not! Enthusiasm and a genuine interest in improving outcomes for students are the most important qualifications. No prior knowledge is expected as the school provides full training and support. Governors have oversight responsibility rather than needing hands-on education expertise.

What are the main benefits of becoming a Parent Governor?

You will gain great insight into key issues in education today and have a seat at the table in big conversations impacting students. It is very rewarding to collaborate with school leaders and know you helped expand opportunities that support children’s future success. You’ll also build valuable skills in leadership, communication, analytics, and more.

How do I apply or learn more?

We would love to invite interested parents in for an informal chat where you can ask questions and learn more before submitting a short application. If you’re interested, just email me at